About us

My name is Ana Cláudia Guedes Pinto Färber and I am a Portuguese national.  Ever since my marriage in 1996, I have been living in Germany with my husband and our two daughters.

Since then I have worked here in Germany as a photographer in our family photo studio.

Of course, during the past 20 years, I have not forgotten my Portuguese roots and so I have been searching for an independent business idea that could connect me with my home country. About a year ago, during one of my visits to Portugal, I discovered cork as an emerging fashion trend and decided to give this new idea a try.

These products are not yet well known outside of Portugal, so I decided to begin marketing these products here in Germany by launching an online shop.

CorkLane from Portugal, my main business partner, is a subsidiary of PortugaliaCork and an expert in the Portuguese cork industry. Together, we want to market and distribute handmade products from natural and sustainable material here in Germany. Founded in Portugal and loyal to their roots, CorkLane combines the values of cork with the newest fashion trends. Through the use of up to 100% natural and reusable material, all of our products support reducing the greenhouse effect. CorkLane has also been awarded the “Vegan Fashion Award” by PETA and is an official member of the Italian Fashion Association ASSOMODA.

All of my business partners in Portugal strive to fulfill the highest quality standards that I personally set on behalf of my customers.

Our modern and flexible production line allows for exclusive collections and the distribution of unique, customized designs. Constant monitoring throughout the production process allows for a higher quality product, meeting the needs of any customer.